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The Aviary - Lynchburg, VA

Last year one of my sweetheart's friends, Sarah got married at a gorgeous place here in Lynchburg, VA called the Aviary.

He and I have been looking at venues all over town, and he remembered that her wedding was there.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to attend, but we decided to check it out.

It's a charming old building.  Actually, old doesn't describe it.  The building is actually over a 100 year old.

Although, the building is ancient, after we went inside we saw it's charm.  It's circular in design, and has hard wood floors through out, plus a banister that runs about 75% of the way around.

The Aviary is managed by the City of Lynchburg park and recreation department, and is located in Miller Park.  The park is surrounded by trees, and has a fountain on the property, which would be great for pictures.

We were given a brochure which has more information on the history of the building as well as the current rental rates.  The clerk in the office did tel me that rates were getting ready to change, in case we wanted to book it.

If you're interested in checking this place out, then give them a call at (434) 455-5858, or check out the City of Lynchburg's website at


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Parlor Ballroom in Lynchburg, VA

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Every time we would go by the doors
were locked, so if wanted to check it out, then give them a call at 434-846-1733.  Showings are by appointment only!
The address is:

Parlor Ballroom 108 9th St Lynchburg, VA 24504-1512
Oh, and on a side note... there's a beautiful barber shop and day spa downstairs.  So, if you wanted to be pampered before your big day…